Opening November 27, 2013 November 25 2013

I am launching an online store.  I feel brave and a little out of my element but I know that I can do this and establish my primary goals. The beginning of this venture will look much different as time progresses and we are able to express our interests and loves in the art form of an internet web page.  I have spent my life shopping online like so many other people do from across the world so I have an idea of how I want the place look. One of my biggest values is TRUST so I want for you what I want for myself. Trust, honesty and integrity.

One of my primary goals is to provide a selection of swimwear, day wear, bedroom wear and sleep wear that will appeal to all ages.  I MEAN REALLY!!! Does beauty and sexiness ever go out of style?  Personally, we all find our level of sexiness and whatever price and age.

 My other goal is “don’t let it work me”.  I have spent a lifetime of letting my life work me and I really want to express myself in a different way (not in the manic corporate America way).  I just want to BE.....I want the website to appear relaxed. Lingerie for men and women should provide the level of comfort and carefree expression.

In the most recent months, I have been conducting Lingerie shows in the local area.  I have a great following of a wide range of persons.  I am getting a sense of what works well or better and what does not work so well. We  all have different tastes at different phases of our lives.  We always want to have a subtle feeling of peace about ourselves.

This has been a journey and Lavender Lace Lingerie is just beginning.  After spending time in the retail world, I have been able to see, experience, and enjoy fine lingerie.  After leaving the city life two years ago and retiring to one of the most beautiful places in the world, I found out there are a few retail sacrifices one has to make. Maybe Lavender Lace Lingerie can help fill those gaps.

There have been many moments in my life that I look back on and say “Did that really happen or was it a dream?”  There usually are people that have experienced that moment with me that can verify that I’m not crazy…it really did happen.  Well,This is Happening!  Welcome to Lavender Lace Lingerie. 


“The traditional S’Klallam character and behavior is still the expected model: hard workers who are serious about what they do and who have self-control, modesty, courtesy, and generosity, especially with those in need. They reach out to others with dignity and pride.”