Mimi Holliday"tarte tatin"Bra 34DD/LavenderLaceLingerie.com


Magenta Molded Mimi Holliday- with Pink Lace-Take a walk on the Wild side!

My name is "tarte tatin" and I'm the last sister remaining in this Mimi Holliday family. That's probably because I'm a 34DD so it will take a special set of girls to want me. I promise to hold you and display you to your finest since I am designed to expose more and set the stage for eyewatering cleavage since the uplift is in the design of the cup. My gentle soft silk straps are pretty enough to be seen.The genius of Mimi Holliday Super Plunge is in the cut. You won't be disappointed to have me around.

 Ahhhh, Tarte Tatin! Lush Gala, paired with red delicious and gold delicious tones, buttery golden pastry, and the sheen of sugar on top. Now flip it! That's just how we feel about this utterly delectable silk and lace bra from Mimi Holliday. Earthy tones, russet hues, silken touch, and creamy lace all conspire to make this piece sweet and perfectly a la mode.

You need this!

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